Indian pool house by 42mm Architecture boasts a concrete frame and a transparent middle


A thick loop of concrete forms the walls, flooring and roof of this pool house, completed by Indian firm 42mm Architecture in the garden of a New Delhi residence (+ slideshow).

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

Described by 42mm Architecture as "a pebble in the grass", the 400-square-metre building has a smooth concrete shell, but its front and rear walls are entirely glazed to allow views right through.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

The aim was for the building to resonate with the concrete volume of the existing 20-year-old house, but also to incorporate organic forms, helping it to fit into the landscape of the garden.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

"It has been designed in congruence with its context by using the same material palette, nonetheless managing to express the shift in time of both buildings by virtue of its design," said the design team.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

"Asserting its presence with a singular, bold and robust frame, this house sits impressively within its surroundings," it added.

"The softening of its edges and the tilt were a result of trying to blend this stark object with the landscape. Like a lone pebble in the grass, it looks distinct and beautiful, and yet blends in."

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

The building is located alongside the property's swimming pool. It contains two large rooms, both designed to function as entertaining areas when the clients have guests over.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

The pre-stressed concrete structure made it possible to slightly cantilever the structure over the edge of its sloping site.

The material is left exposed both inside and outside the building, although the ground surface inside was polished to make it more pleasant underfoot.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

"The concrete used is a designed mix without any artificial pigments and enhancers, as we wanted the concrete to breathe and weather naturally," said the architects.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

A boxy wooden volumes divides the structure in two, creating space for a toilet and a pantry. Some timber was also added in the two main rooms – framing a cinema screen in the lounge space, and wrapping around a seating area in the bar room.

Pool House by 42mm Architecture

"This combination of wood and concrete renders an expression which welcomes its guests while dazzling them," added 42mm Architecture.

Other recently completed pool houses include a bulky concrete structure in Madrid and a building with a folded wooden ceiling in Melbourne.

Photography is by Ravi Kanade.

Project credits:

Partner-in-charge: Rudraksh Charan
Structural design: C S Bhandari
MEP: Tech Consultants & DCCE
Structural & Landscape: KC Contracts
MEP: Suved Encon
Hvac: Mistubishi Electric

  • Donkey

    Absolutely love this.

  • Envision Realty Inc

    What a beautiful home. A futuristic take on a classic, warm interior. I love the property’s swimming pool.

  • The_Pinchhitter

    Lovely house. I would have liked to see a section through that enormous concrete shell.