Frederik Roijé designs minimal interior for Amsterdam apartment


Stainless steel surfaces are paired with solid oak cupboards inside this Amsterdam apartment, which was recently renovated by Dutch designer Frederik Roijé (+ slideshow).

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

The designer – best known for his minimal homeware and furniture – hoped to create a "timeless" property through the use of high-quality materials.

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

In the kitchen, solid oak was used to create integrated cupboards and shelves, while a stainless-steel island incorporates a white sink.

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

Furniture pieces by the designer feature throughout the property, including faceted steel dining chairs, white pendant lights and an oak step ladder.

"The entire interior design has been reduced to the essence of lines, surfaces and volumes," Roijé told Dezeen. "The signature of Frederik Roijé is present in the entire apartment, and is recognisable by its simplicity and functionality."

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

As part of his renovation, Roijé changed the apartment's entire layout to create an open-plan living, kitchen and dining area. Internal walls were swapped for glass partitions – providing the apartment with more natural light.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are contained behind the main living area, while a glass extension opens onto a small garden on the back of the property.

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

"The use of glass walls give the apartment clear lines of sight and maximise the spatial experience," said Roijé. "Moreover, this provides each room with daylight."

"The steel and glass facade is extended over the full width of the apartment, and makes the garden an extension of the living space," he added.

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé

Other apartment renovations in the Dutch capital include a home for a family inside a former teachers' lounge and a loft-like residence on the ground floor of a historic townhouse.

Images are courtesy of Dutchphotography.

Amsterdam apartment by Studio Frederik Roijé
Floor plan – click for larger image
  • Leo

    I think there is some underused space in the kitchen, but I would live in this apartment anytime! The living/dining area is especially beautiful.

  • Dikkie Smabers

    I might be wrong but I think that completely indoor bedroom is actually prohibited by Dutch building laws.