Bosa launches Forget Me Not ceramic gifts at Maison&Objet

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Maison&Object 2016: twelve designers including Jaime Hayón, Constance Guisset and Nika Zupanc have created trinkets and accessories for Italian ceramics brand Bosa's latest gift collection (+ slideshow).

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Twelve designers have created trinkets for the Forget Me Not collection by Bosa. Jaime Hayón's collection is called Pinocchietto

The range titled Non Ti Scordar Di Me – or Forget Me Not – features a dozen small items, which Bosa describes as "magical, poetic and allusive objects that touch the imagination to let you relive past moments, lucky charms and symbols of special occasions".

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Hayón designed a candle holder that looks like a puppet to be an ironic ornament for the home

Spanish designer Jaime Hayón's Pinocchietto candle holder is designed to look like a puppet, and is painted black and white with gold details. He has also created a tableware set with plates, bowls and cups with the same palette.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
A pink candleholder with gold details – called Lume – by Alessandro Zambelli looks like a satellite dish

A small white box was created by French designer Constance Guisset for sending secret messages or hiding small objects. The Sweet Souvenir's circular lid has gentle undulations reminiscent of an eroded seashell.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Sweet Souvenir by French designer Constance Guisset is for sending secret messages or hiding small objects

Ball-shaped pots by Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc are embellished with a gold key head on top. Named Magic Ball Box, their openings around the middle separate a white upper section with a coloured base, available in three hues.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Nika Zupanc's Magic Ball box opens around the middle and comes in a variety of colours

Sebastian Herkner has designed a magnifying glass called Wow that doubles as a storage vestibule.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Sebastian Herkner's Wow magnifying glass also has storage space

"This is a magnifying glass to enhance our most cherished memories and moments, a box in which to keep objects and small keepsakes and a charming frame for showing off our treasures in a poetic light," said Bosa.

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Other small containers in the collection include Sam Baron's Memory pieces influenced by barber shop foam bowls and Matteo Cibic's Koni set of stackable bowls topped with a small hat.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Sam Baron's Memory piece is influenced by barber shop foam bowls and opens to reveal a mirror

The decorative Le Cartoline tiles by Alessandra Baldereschi each have removable coloured pieces shaped like a fish, a house, a butterfly and a bird.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
A set of stackable bowls with different colours and patterns are by Matteo Cibic

Milan studio CtrlZak has created a small bell with a glossy white or matt black exterior, both lined with gold.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
The Unlock bell by CtrlZak is lined with gold and available in black and white

"This delicate bell in ceramic and metal is steeped in symbolic meanings, and the sacred yet worldy sound it produces evokes different areas both of our collective and individual memory," Bosa said.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Pepa Reverter's Secret Love trinkets are a place to keep secrets or something that you love

The range also features Pepa Reverter's heart-shaped trinkets and Elena Salmistraro's I Molossi dog figurines.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Elena Salmistraro dog figurines reference the merry-go-round, replacing horses with Molossian mastiffs

Finally, the Mascot animal-themed incense burners were designed by Ionna Vautrin and the Lume candle holders that look like satellite dishes are by Alessandro Zambelli.

Bosa objects at Maison and Objet
Incense burners by Ionna Vautrin take the shape of different animals, including a dog, a rabbit, a bird and a great auk

The Forget Me Not collection was presented at Paris trade fair Maison&Objet, which took place from 22 to 26 January 2016. Also on display were alphabet-shaped chairs customised by Jean Paul Gaultier and wallpaper patterned with paper cut-outs by Front.