Mesura adds red brick extension with scalloped roofline to Alicante residence


Curving vaults create a scalloped roofline for this red brick house extension completed by Barcelona studio Mesura in Alicante, Spain (+ slideshow).

IV House by Mesura

Photographer Eduardo Iborra Wicksteed and his wife Belinda asked Mesura to extend their home, named IV House, which is located in the countryside outside the city of Elche.

IV House by Mesura

The area's hot and humid climate led the architects to design a long brick extension with a vaulted roof, which extends over a new lounge and bedroom, as well as a patio, to create shade.

IV House by Mesura

"The site consists of an existing home in the centre of the field, leaving undefined surroundings: bad quality spaces and no exterior-interior relationship," the architects told Dezeen.

"A new space, sheltered under a vaulted mantle gives new life to this house."

IV House by Mesura

Broad semi-circular windows set between the extension's scalloped roof and red brick walls bring daylight into the spaces within, which feature sections of exposed brickwork, glossy ceramic floor tiles and white-painted walls.

IV House by Mesura

Each of the four curving vaults covers a different part of the extension. The aim was to break down the hierarchy between interior and exterior spaces by giving equal importance to each part of the plan.

IV House by Mesura

"The intention is to separate the lived spaces of intimate spaces in relation to the climate, solar orientation, visual, topography and vegetation," explained the architects.

IV House by Mesura

A bedroom with a free-standing bath overlooks a private courtyard by the property's tennis court at one end of the extension. Its sliding glass doors are protected from view by perforated brick screens.

IV House by Mesura

The glazed lounge opens onto the patio at the opposite end of the block, where the upper branches of an existing tree extend through a gap in the curving roofline.

IV House by Mesura

The two parts of the building are separated by a bathroom block, and linked by a narrow corridor to the existing house, where there are three further bedrooms and a large kitchen.

Photography is by Pedro Pegenaute.

IV House by Mesura
Site plan – click for larger image
IV House by Mesura
Plan – click for larger image
IV House by Mesura
Concept section – click for larger image
IV House by Mesura
Detailed section – click for larger image
  • govela

    Nice, both Corbu and Kahn are happier now…

  • Jesse Lockhart Krause

    Very beautiful. Wonderfully elegant. Five stars.

  • Jess Thinkin

    As a first year design project, it gets an ‘F-‘ for failing to meet the basic architectural ‘context’ requisite. If I was driving by this edifice with a serious headache that I couldn’t shake; or another flair-up of my tennis elbow, I’d be sorely tempted to pull into the driveway, comfortably convinced with the notion that I was most assuredly in the presence of an urgent care clinic.

  • Granero

    Very nice, I’m loving it!

  • arch4ever

    What about La Ricarda? From Antonio Bonet Castellana?

  • Adam Štěch

    Almost a copy of Antonio Bonet’s La Ricarda villa in Barcelona:

    • Meme

      Similar, almost archetypal concept. If the owner likes it, well done.