Augmented reality

Virtual and augmented reality technology will converge in digital "contact lens"

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: augmented and virtual reality visualisation technologies will soon be combined in one device, says Andy Millns of 3D production company Inition in the final part of our interview.  Read more »

Augmented reality devices "in your eye" will change how we see the world

Dezeen and MINI Frontiers: augmented reality technology will revolutionise the way we navigate cities, says Andy Millns of 3D production company Inition in the second part of our interview. Read more »

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Augmented reality demonstration at Dezeen's Imagine Shop for Selfridges

This movie we filmed at Dezeen's pop-up shop of the future at London department store Selfridges demonstrates how augmented reality technology could transform retail. Read more »

Dezeen's Imagine Shop at Selfridges features augmented-reality watch store and Zaha yacht

Dezeen has teamed up with London department store Selfridges to present a futuristic concept store, featuring an augmented-reality watch store and a walkaround digital model of Zaha Hadid’s £300 million superyacht (+ slideshow). Read more »

Ikea launches augmented reality catalogue

News: Swedish furniture retailer Ikea has added an augmented reality function to its 2014 catalogue, allowing customers to see what products will look like in their homes. Read more »

Inition develops "augmented 3D printing" for architects

News: 3D technology company Inition has developed an augmented-reality iPad app that allows architects to look inside static architectural models, visualise how their building will look at night and track how wind flows around their design proposals (+ movie). Read more »

See-through computer allows users to "grab" digital content

News: a transparent computer that allows users to reach "inside" the screen and manipulate content with their hands was unveiled at the TED conference in Los Angeles last week. Read more »