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Amazon tests drones that could deliver packages "in less than 30 minutes"

News: online retail giant Amazon has presented a prototype for a service that uses flying robots to deliver packages to customers within half an hour of ordering (+ movie). Read more »

Robot surgeons to operate on beating human hearts

News: robots could soon be operating on beating human hearts while a surgeon based in a different part of the world directs the procedure remotely, according to a designer working on a new generation of medical equipment. Read more »

Researchers develop 3D-printed drones capable of self-assembly

News: a research team in Zürich has created a flock of helicopter robots that can detect each others' positions and join together to create a larger flying machine. Read more »

Tiny robotic insect takes flight

News: a tiny robotic insect that hovers in the air like a fly has been built by scientists at Harvard University (+ movies). Read more »

Robot Cleaner by Jeongmi Lee

Seoul designer Jeongmi Lee has designed a conceptual domestic robot that steals your duvet in the morning and poos all over the floor. Read more »