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"Eindhoven has design, it has science
and it has industry"

"Eindhoven has design, it has science and it has industry"

Dezeen and MINI World Tour: the penultimate stop on our Dezeen and MINI World tour is Eindhoven. In our first video report from the city, co-founder of Dutch Design Week Miriam van der Lubbe explains how the small industrial town has become one of the leading centres for design and technology in the world. More »

Design Academy Eindhoven "gives in to
demands" of departed masters heads

Design Academy Eindhoven by Radio Nederland Wereldomroep

Dezeen Wire: three senior Design Academy Eindhoven teachers have agreed to return to their posts after claiming victory in their dispute with the school.

Jan Boelen, Joost Grootens and Louise Schouwenberg, the heads of Social Design, Information Design and Contextual Design respectively, resigned two weeks ago but will now return to the school in the new academic year. More »