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"Without a tighter union, Europe will
disintegrate"- Rem Koolhaas

Dezeen Wire:
in an interview with Farah Nayeri for Bloomberg Businessweek, architect Rem Koolhaas describes the European Union as "an incomplete machine" and claims that it will "disintegrate" unless political leaders complete the task of integration begun when the EU was founded.

Koolhaas also talks about working in China, the global workforce currently inhabiting the countryside and his former employee, Zaha Hadid, who he says was "a very independent and massively talented person from the beginning."

Dezeen spoke to Rem Koolhaas and other partners from his practice OMA at the opening of OMA/Progress, an exhibition at the Barbican art gallery in London. You can see the videos now on Dezeen Screen.

Rem Koolhaas
on OMA's current preoccupations

Rem Koolhaas on OMA's current preoccupations

In the second instalment of our video interview with Rem Koolhaas, the OMA co-founder discusses two of his current preoccupations: the countryside, which he is addressing for the first time; and generic architecture, which could result in neutral, copyright-free building forms.

Both topics are discussed in the OMA/Progress exhibition which opened at Barbican Art Gallery in London last week.