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Interview: Justin McGuirk
at Dezeen Studio

Interview: Justin McGuirk at Dezeen Studio

Milan 2012: in this interview filmed at Dezeen Studio, Guardian critic Justin McGuirk gives us his take on the future of design criticism, as fast reactions on platforms like Twitter and Facebook are balanced by long-form analysis in e-books and online journals.

He goes on to discuss how the fetishisation of traditional crafts by mass-producers is pushing design in a new direction and agrees with previous guest journalist Joseph Grima that the arrival of hacking culture and open-source production is the big story in Milan this year, describing it as the antithesis to the luxury design industry that the city normally centres around. More »

"Hacktivists in the frontline battle
for the internet" - The Guardian

Dezeen Wire:
 in an interview with Guardian journalist James Ball, technological rights campaigner John Perry Barlow of Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) discusses the importance of establishing peer-to-peer frameworks of power and explains why he is forming an organisation to fund information hackers - The Guardian

Hacking culture and open-source production has been one of the hottest topics at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan this year. Listen to our interview about it with design critic Justic McGuirk from Thursday's Dezeen Studio TV show, or see pictures from the Hacked Lab.