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"Design and invention can power us out
of recession"- James Dyson

Dezeen Wire:
industrial designer James Dyson has called on engineers and designers to develop the new ideas needed to revitalise the UK economy - The Guardian

Dyson says that only tangible engineering can address issues such as global warming and population growth, stating: "The allure of digital should not distract us from the bigger challenges." He adds that the government must "focus on investment in ideas," urging them to support design education and creative businesses.

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"Dyson could clean up with career in politics"
- Sunday Times

Dezeenwire: in an interview with the Sunday Times, engineer and inventor James Dyson reveals he is to stand down as chairman of Dyson and talks about the Ingenious Britain report commissioned by the Conservative Party, in which Dyson sets out ways to make Britain a leading high-tech exporter - Sunday Times

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