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Bacteria and pedal power could be the
future of kitchens – The Guardian

Dezeen Wire:
design critic Justin McGuirk says that a kitchen concept by Dutch electrical company Philips that uses decomposition to generate methane gas for cooking is an example of how we may "have to get more comfortable with bacteria and with putrefaction's role in our ecosystem" – The Guardian

McGuirk claims the Microbial kitchen concept's "steampunk" aesthetic offers "an alternative vision to the clinical kitchen," and also mentions the trend for low-tech kitchen appliances, such as designer Christoph Thetard's pedal-powered devices, which he says represent a reaction to the impending energy crisis.

Last year Dezeen published a report on Food and Design, including examples of low-tech gadgets for preserving and preparing ingredients and concepts for growing food in the kitchen.

"Has postmodernist design eaten itself?"
- The Guardian

Dezeen Wire:
Justin McGuirk of The Guardian is the latest critic to write about the kitsch revival of postmodernism, which he says remains popular with consumers - The Guardian

A retrospective about the postmodern movement opens at the Victoria & Albert museum on 24 September. See recent articles on postmodernism by Alice Rawsthorn for The New York Times and Rowan Moore in The Observer.

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"Is all of this design?" Gwangju Design Biennale
review - The Guardian

Dezeen Wire:
design critic Justin McGuirk reports from Korea on the Gwangju Design Biennale - The Guardian

Curated by Ai Weiwei and Seung H-Sang, the biennale runs until 23 October. Exhibits include designs for bombs, plastic surgery for fighters and blueprints for public executions, plus a series of temporary follies built around the city by renowned architects including Atelier Bow-Wow, Peter Eisenman and Dominique Perrault.

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