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Philippe Starck to design yacht
for Jobs family

Dezeen Wire:
 the "revolutionary" new product that French designer Philippe Starck claimed in a radio interview on Friday to be designing for Apple has been revealed by online technology publication AllThingsD to be a yacht for the family of late CEO Steve Jobs - AllThingsD

A spokesperson from Apple told the magazine that the company is not working on a new product or project with Starck. However the designer was working on plans for a yacht for Jobs before his death last year, to be constructed by boatbuilders Feadship.

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Philippe Starck: 'I'd rather save lives than
be a designer'- The Independent

Dezeen Wire: 
designer Philippe Starck says that not being able to save lives and tackle key global issues in his work leaves him feeling "impotent"- The Independent

The designer has created a new photobooth that meets his aims of designing democratic and affordable products. Starck claims they offer a solution for those who can't afford a camera, adding that photos help us to "exist." He also laments the modern propensity for vandalism that threatens the booths, saying: "Twenty years ago it was possible to design something pretty and people to respect it. Not now."