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Explore images of impressive contemporary museums on our new Pinterest board


Following the controversial selection of two winning entries in a competition to design the Bauhaus Museum Dessau's new home, we've created a Pinterest board filled with some of the most iconic and unusual new institutions in the world, including Renzo Piano's Whitney in New York and Frank Gehry's Biomuseo in Panama.

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Explore images of imaginative art and design studios on our updated Pinterest board

Updated art and design studios Pinterest board

Artists and designers often chose the most dramatic locations to build their workspaces. We've updated our dedicated Pinterest board with some of the most interesting and beautiful recent examples, including a studio submerged into the side of a cliff and a cabin perched above a babbling stream.

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Explore examples of shipping-container architecture on our new Pinterest board


Architects are increasingly proposing new architectural uses for shipping containers, such as replacing slum housing with skyscrapers formed from the stacked metal boxes and forming staircases by balancing them at an angle. We've collected together the best shipping-container projects, both realised and proposed, from the pages of Dezeen and pinned them to a new Pinterest board.

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New Pinterest board: irregularly stacked boxes


Architects are increasingly taking regular volumes and stacking them askew to create striking new forms. Well-known examples include SANAA's New Museum in New York, which resembles a pile of wedding presents, and OMA's De Rotterdam, which looks like an arrangement of upended shoe boxes. We've collected together the best examples of this trend from the pages of Dezeen and pinned them to a new Pinterest board.

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