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"Dallas Museum Simmers in a Neighbor’s
Glare" - New York Times

Dezeen Wire:
a glazed skyscraper being constructed across the street from the Renzo Piano-designed Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas is creating so much glare that it is damaging artworks, burning plants and dazzling visitors - New York Times

Originally completed in 2003, the museum features a glazed roof that was intended to let gentle levels of daylight inside. However, the arrival of the new tower has forced curators to install light-blocking panels for a recent exhibition. More »

The Shard "will be loved"
– Renzo Piano

Dezeen Wire:
Italian architect Renzo Piano says his London skyscraper, The Shard, will be loved by the public, because "it will be accessible, because it is transparent, understandable and not mysterious" – The Telegraph

The public will be able to access restaurants and a viewing gallery at the top of Europe's tallest building, which fellow architect and friend of Piano, Richard Rogers suggests "will be one of Renzo's major works [and] one of his major successes."

Piano believes that skyscrapers such as The Shard represent the most responsible approach to tackling the issue of urban sprawl, stating: "It is more socially correct to intensify the city and free up space on the ground. The city is fragile and vulnerable, so we have to be careful."