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Dezeen Music Project: Bumble
by Reset Robot

This week on Dezeen Music Project we'll be playing tracks by Portsmouth DJ Reset Robot, whose music features on the next three movies from our Dezeen Live series of talks at 100% Design.

This track, Bumble, is taken from a three-track EP called Atelier that Reset Robot released this year with the record label Intacto. If you like what you hear, you can buy the EP here.

You can listen to more Reset Robot tracks on Dezeen Music Project here, and watch today’s Dezeen Live movie featuring Asif Khan here.

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Dezeen Music Project: Reso Dream
by Simplex

Today's Dezeen Music Project track is by Cardiff based DJ Simplex, aka architecture student Simon James. Simplex explores a range of different genres in his tracks, from very minimal, atmospheric techno to more club-friendly tech-house like this track, Reso Dream.

If you like what you hear but are feeling in a more minimal mood, make sure you check out the other tracks on his Souncloud page.

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