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Styrofoam Sofa by Kwangho Lee

Styrofoam Sofa by Korean designer Kwangho Lee is a sofa made of Styrofoam.

He makes the sofa by cutting the material with a hot wire.

See Weave Your Lighting by Kwangho Lee in our earlier story. Below is a statement from Lee about this project:


Styrofoam is something easily exposed and quite familiar in our daily
 lives. Not to mention how often art or design students use it so often 
for its reasonable price and manipulation.

It was also one of my best 
toys in childhood and thus the memory of playing with it was the
 biggest inspiration.

For its materialistic merit of getting warmer as
 you sit or keep hold of it, I sculpted a sofa out of the most raw 
form - a whole block of it - of Styrofoam with heat wires. It is a 
study/experiment of a material so raw and familiar, transforming it 
into something different, giving it another meaning.

I sculpted it out of a whole block of styrofoam with heat wire. The pieces are 'cut off' by melting from the heat.

The wires are adjusted with handles on both ends which is connected to the adoptor. It's a lot better than cutters or knives. The cut is very clean with no styrofoam powder dusting and produces a certain texture that 'coats' the surface.


Posted by Rose Etherington