Sofa Lamp by CuldeSac and Héctor Serrano

Milan 08: Sofa Lamp is a lampshade with quilted upholstery inspired by a Chesterfield sofa.


Designed by Spanish designers CuldeSac and Héctor Serrano for Dutch furniture brand Moooi, it will be launched in Milan during the furniture fair later this month.


Here's some text from the designers:


By taking the traditional furniture design of the Chester sofa out of context and giving it a hint of humor we achieve a fresh vision turning the Sofa Lamp into what could become a great classic of the lighting industry.


From the social perspective the Chester transmits luxury, a feeling of warmth, and with its unique and recognizable aesthetic it is often placed at the central point of social interaction in a living room.


With the Sofa Lamp the essence of the Chester is maintained and adapted to lighting creating a lamp that through its design and connotation transmits all the social values of this emblematic piece of furniture in addition to the natural attraction of the light effect itself.



The relationship between CuldeSac™ and Héctor Serrano began at the Royal College of Art in London when the founding members of CuldeSac™ (Alberto Martinez & Pepe Garcia) were academic peers. From then a close personal and professional relationship was established and has grown into a mix of inspiring collaborations and even having Héctor as the godfather of Alberto’s daughter Anna.

Due to the many commitments of both studios, CuldeSac™ and Hector Serrano, collaborate much less than they would like to. Their last joint project was La Siesta for La Mediterranea in 2002. La Siesta is considered an emblematic creation representing an ideal balance between the traditional and contemporary in both design and concept. Currently the Siesta is being exhibited in many museums throughout the world.

With this new collaboration both teams are thrilled to have the opportunity to work together and for a company such as Moooi. They will be the first Spanish design studios to collaborate with Moooi.