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VOV Building by VOID planning

Korean architects VOID planning have completed the interior of an office building for cosmetics company VOV in Seoul, Korea.


Called VOV Building, the project includes an office space, conference room, showroom, nail parlour and roof garden.


Undulating glass profiles surround the showroom and conference room, and there are 52 movable pillars containing storage.


The architects aimed to maximise the amount of natural light in the building by including reflective floors, patterned space dividers and skylights.


Here's some more information from VOID planning:



VOV based in the center of the Seoul is a cosmetic brand including the cosmetics with various color tones.


Nevertheless, VOV's fundamental brand concept is 'BLACK & WHITE.' It means VOV comprehends all the colors existing in the world. With these conflicting facts, the design process is made by the concept of ambilaterality.


Each space's design has a process of reinterpreting in the term of 'Digital + Nature = DIGINATURE.' Diginature is the term that describes the design of nature's various colors integrating with the futurism trend. Our goal is to feel the color of the nature unconsciously within the space rather than just give optical images of the expressive feature of the nature.


It is very different to see the forest and to be in the middle of the forest. Lights coming through the trees and the natural move of the creatures are difficult to be represented in stillness. The office space is designed to sense the forest itself. 52 movable column formed storages are designed not only under the consideration of the user's location, but also due to changing daylight from windows of three sides as the concept of lights coming through between the trees as in the forest.


The Space with the floating population such as the conference room and the showroom are designed with the concept of flowing flower. Also in this case, not the form nor the color can be perceived directly from just seeing the flower, but the spatial effect made by the layers of the transparent petals as the flowers in full blossom make people to sense the flower in their own way.


The layers of softly shaped glasses and the reflection of the glasses are overlapped and make phantasmal feeling in the space to avoid perceiving the solitude space but to sense the diversity and the splendidness of the nature.


Under the consideration of the fact that a lot of people pass through the main lobby within the short time, it is designed to feel the concept in a short time rather than reinterpret it.


Due to the spatial ratio, sunlight comes in heavily, exuberance of the forest and the use of the mirror shortly but intensively gives the idea of the building's concept.


Stimulating human’s eye may be the simple task; however, stimulating one’s emotion and sense is not. The colors and the concept of the nature are sensed emotionally with the space.


Ambilaterality of monotone colors, Black & White, and diverse colors co-exists in this space, and it is acknowledged with the emotional sense to appeal the nature color to human.


Program: Office building (cosmetic company), B1-12F (except 2-6f)
Location: Seoul, Korea
Floor area: Each 238 M2/1700M2
Date of Completion: 20/06/2009
Concept: 'Digital + Nature = DIGINATURE.'