Sofitel Lyon Bellecour by Patrick Norguet

Paris designer Patrick Norguet has refurbished the interior of a hotel in Lyon, France, inspired by the history of silk production in the local area.

Designed for the Sofitel Lyon Bellecour, the project includes a spa, entrance hall, brasserie, restaurants and bars for the five-star hotel.

Photographs are by Renaud Callbaud.

Here's some more information from Norguet:


From the recreational area to the haute cuisine, the Studio has redesigned Norguet new spaces for Sofitel Lyon Bellecour.

A major project or set of trades, on the history and creation come together.

Spa, lobby, lobby bar, brasserie "The Silk" restaurant "Les 3 Domes" and bar "Le Melhor" are areas designed to travel between culture, elegance and modernity.

In reference to local heritage here combine the history of French silks revisited with the help of Tassinari & Chatel.

On the eighth floor, one of the finest tables of Lyon: the restaurant "Les 3 Domes" and bar "Le Melhor" offer a panoramic view of the Rhone.

After two years of work, the entire project will be completed soon.