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New watches at the Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: we've just added Vue by Yves Béhar for Issey Miyake (above) and Hu by Ross Lovegrove to the Dezeen Watch Store.

Top: Vue steel bracelet, white
Above: Vue leather strap, black

Béhar's design features clear slits in an opaque face that rotates so that the numbers beneath fade in and out of view.

Above: Vue leather strap, white

There are two versions - one with a leather strap and another with a steel bracelet, each in black and white.

Above: Vue steel bracelet, black

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Lovegrove's design has a case that moulds around the wearer's wrist.

Above: Hu light grey

It comes with a black, light grey or dark grey silicon strap.

Above: Hu grey

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Above: Hu black

Dezeen Watch Store specialises in watches by named designers and boutique brands, and our collection will grow over the coming months.

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