Dezeen Watch Store: VOID steel bracelet by David Ericsson for VOID

Dezeen Watch Store: Hong Kong watch brand VOID have released a new stainless steel bracelet version of the VOID V01 and VOID V02 timepiece designed by David Ericsson,  now available at Dezeen Watch Store.

The watches feature a metal strap made of stainless steel links and have the same displays as the earlier VOID models.

The stainless steel strap is 24mm wide and comes with a buckle that snaps shut. The stainless steel links can be added and removed to adjust to the wearer’s wrist.

The rectangular watch case on the anaolgue V02 steel bracelet only reveals half of the traditional circular watch face and uses double ended hour and minute hands, one red and one white, to correspond to matching numerals on the display

The digital V01 steel bracelet has a simpler display and features a back light.

You can order yours online or over the phone on +44 20 7503 7319. You can also try one on at our office in north London.

Other VOID models in the collection at Dezeen Watch Store include the VOID V01 LED, and the limited edition V01 18K

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