Further discounts on Ziiiro watches in the Dezeen Watch Store end of summer sale

Our end of summer sale now features three of Hong Kong watch brand Ziiiro's designs; Gravity, Orbit and Aurora. Each watch tells time in its own unique way without using traditional hands. Gravity (above) uses two coloured rings which resemble rotating comets to indicate the time. Now only £80.00 (UK and EU) or £66.67 (rest of the world). Get yours here »

Aurora (above) tells time using two transparent colour-gradient disks, one blue and one yellow. The disks move over each other as time passes, changing the face of the watch throughout the day. Now only £95.00 (UK and EU) or £79.17 (rest of the world). Buy now »

Orbit (above) is the third watch in the Ziiiro collection to be further reduced in the end of summer sale. Instead of traditional hands, Orbit uses two coloured planets that rotate around the face to mark the hour and the minutes. Now only £80.00 (UK and EU) or £66.67 (rest of the world). Buy now »

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