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Magno Tube Lamp by Doreen Westphal

Dutch Design Week: designer Doreen Westphal has created a lamp with a metal stem that can be positioned upright or at an angle against its magnetic concrete base, currently on show at Dutch Design Week.

A copper-coated iron tube containing the power cable is held in place by magnets embedded in the poured concrete base.

"People keep trying to figure out how it works but they see no mechanism," Westphal told Dezeen. "They don't believe that it works by magnetism because I covered the tube with copper leaf."

The lamp is available as a table or floor lamp, which have slightly different bases.

Each allows the tube to attach upright, but when resting at an angle the table lamp balances at 45 degrees, whereas the floor lamp must sit at 60 degrees from horizontal to prevent the longer, heavier tube from tipping it over.

The power cable length can be adjusted so that the bulb points upward or hangs down from the end of the tube.

Concrete is also used as a base for the flick switch that sits further down the cable.

The lamp comes with either a white tube and orange cable or a copper-coloured tube and black cable.

Westphal is displaying her work at the On The Road exhibition at Studio Lieverse as part of Dutch Design Week, which continues until 28 October.

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