Twenty-ton treehouse under construction in Sweden

News: Finnish studio Rintala Eggertsson Architects is constructing a twenty-ton treehouse for Swedish hotel Treehotel.

Twenty-ton treehouse under construction in Sweden

Named the Five Leaf Clover, the structure will join the cluster of treehouse hotel rooms that make up the Treehotel, which is located amongst the forests in Harads, northern Sweden.

The room was designed by Rintala Eggertsson Architects to be the largest of the Treehotel's six treehouses. At twenty tons, it will be almost three times as heavy as the seven-ton Cabin room and construction is already underway.

Twenty-ton treehouse under construction in Sweden

"At Treehotel we always strive to push limits with our environmental work, architecture and engineering," said co-founder Kent Lindvall. "The Five Leaf Clover is clear evidence of this, as nothing remotely similar has ever been done before."

The building will be attached to six pine trees and hover six metres above the ground, so visitors will have to climb a two-storey-high staircase to enter.

Twenty-ton treehouse under construction in Sweden

Above: floor plan - click above for larger image

The 53-square-metre suite will contain three bedrooms and will sleep up to six guests, but could also be used as a conference room for up to twelve people. The exterior is being clad in weathered steel, while the interior is being lined with plywood.

The project is due to complete before Christmas.

Other treehouse hotel rooms at the Treehotel include a huge nest with a retractable staircase and a suspended box covered in mirrors.

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