State of Things by Klubben at Stockholm Design Week

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State of Things by Klubben

Stockholm 2013: a wall lamp that mimics an eclipse of the sun and tray of vases held fast by magnets were among the objects on show in an exhibition of work by young Norwegian designers during Stockholm Design Week (+ slideshow).

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Total Eclipse by Siv Lier

The exhibition, called State of Things, included Siv Lier's Total Eclipse lamp and Hallgeir Homstvedt's Tangent vases, which are attached to a metal tray by strong magnets.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Tangent by Hallgeir Homstvedt

Gridy, a design duo comprising Lars Olav Dybdal and Wilhelm Grieg Teisner, presented Kabloom, a glass vase shaped like a cartoon bomb and designed to hold a single flower.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Kabloom by Gridy

Also included were Kristine Bjaadal's small wooden containers shaped like seeds and Kristine Five Melvær's lamps with soft shades like flowerbuds, which we featured previously.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Keepsake by Kristine Bjaadal

Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi showed an ash and copper picture frame with no screws, while Erlend Bleken exhibited a steel and oak swing chair for indoor or outdoor use.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: In Theory by Marianne Andersen

Victoria Günzler and Sara Wright Polmar, who work together as Günzler.Polmar, presented a wooden pedestal table that can be combined with porcelain containers, while Marianne Andersen showed a series of pendant lamps made from pine and coloured glass.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Dodo by Petter Skogstad

Martin Solem showed a mirror bent into three facets and mounted on wood, Petter Skogstad presented a squeezable silicone container for oil or soy sauce, and Maria Bjørlykke showed a trio of round tabletops connected by one base.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: 80.20 by Thomas Jenkins

Finally, Siren Elise Wilhelmsen presented a rug and chair in one, Sverre Uhnger showed a solid wood desk lamp and Thomas Jenkins exhibited a display box with an adjustable box fixed inside it.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: No. 2 by Günzler.Polmar

The show was put on by Klubben, an initiative founded by Günzler, Polmar and Uhnger as a club to help Norwegian designers cooperate and promote their work.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Miroir by Martin Solem

Dezeen was in Stockholm this year reporting on the highlights from the city's design week, including a chair that looks like a bed of nails and a domed table lamp with a rotating wing for a dimmer switch – see all products from Stockholm Design Week.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Bloom by Kristine Five Melvær

We also previously featured a wooden stool inspired by skateboards by Hallgeir Homstvedt, whose Tangent vases featured in the exhibition in Stockholm.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Epaulette by Caroline Olsson and Ida Noemi

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Here's some more information from Klubben:

Klubben presents State of Things at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013

Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union) was founded in 2011 by Victoria Günzler, Sara Wright Polmar and Sverre Uhnger with the aim to gather talented young Norwegian furniture and product designers and present them at unique venues. Fresh designers will be invited for every new exhibition so that Klubben always presents both new products and new designers. The concepts will differ but our goal will always be the same: present great Norwegian design on the designers' own terms!

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Kantarell by Maria Bjørlykke


Caroline Olsson
Ida Noemi
Erlend Bleken
Victoria Günzler
Sara Wright
Polmar Wilhelm
Grieg Teisner
Lars Olav Dybdal
Hallgeir Homstvedt
Kristine Bjaadal
Kristine Melvær Five
Maria Bjørlykke
Marianne Andersen
Martin Solem
Petter Skogstad
Siren Elise Wilhelmsen
Siv Lier
Sverre Uhnger
Thomas Jenkins

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Memory Carpet by Siren Wilhelmsen

The present members of Klubben have attended universities in Norway, Denmark, Germany, England and Australia. Individually we have participated in exhibitions and fairs in London, Stockholm, Paris, Oslo, Helsinki, New York, Tokyo, Bergen, Milano, Cologne, Risør, Leipzig, Venezia and Seoul, and received awards like Muuto Talent Award, ELLE Norway Young Designer of the Year, Jury Award Designers Open Leipzig, Blueprint Award 100% Design London: Best New Product and Best use of Materials, Norsk Form Young Designer of the Year, Bonytt award and Gullkalven.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Oo by Sverre Uhnger

The establishment of Klubben was marked with the exhibition Tingenes Tilstand at the art gallery TM51 in Oslo last fall and the response exceeded all expectations with more than 1000 people visiting the exhibition during its four days. Version two, State of Things, will be presented to the international design industry during Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013. The exhibition shows 17 products by 18 designers.

State of Things by Klubben

Above: Svev by Erlend Bleken

The invited designers were challenged to design a product or a piece of furniture inspired by a box filled with everyday objects and the text:

Objects attract and inspire us. They tell stories, evoke emotions, they make us curious and they fascinate us. Our experiences are related to associations and memories, to colours and shapes, or function and materiality. It can be complex and impressive, or simple and subtle.