Mondaine Evo Quartz now in at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: inspired by iconic Swiss railway clocks, the Mondaine Evo Quartz wristwatch is now available at Dezeen Watch Store.

The original clocks, designed by Zurich-born engineer Hans Hilfiker in 1944, can be seen at over 3000 railway stations across Switzerland. In 1986, Swiss watch brand Mondaine adapted the clock to a watch under official license from the Federal Swiss Railway.

The Evo Quartz is as close to the original clock design as it could be, featuring an easy-to-read face, thick black hands and the famous red ticker that resembles the shape of a railways guard's signalling disc. The watch is available with a red strap and a small 26mm case, or a black strap and a 35mm case.