Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick rose

Classic watches from Daniel Wellington with striped Nato straps

Dezeen Watch Store: four Daniel Wellington watches with striped fabric Nato straps are now available from Dezeen Watch Store.

Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford silver
Main image: Classic Warwick (rose gold) This image: Classic Oxford (silver)

Four styles are available, each with a distinctive Nato strap. Nato straps were originally developed for British military watches - the textured nylon weave was specially chosen for its strength, durability and flexibility. Each case is also available in two variations: rose gold or polished silver.

Daniel Wellington Classic Glasgow Lady rose
Classic Glasgow Lady (rose gold)

The two men's watches included in the selection are the Classic Warwick and the Classic Oxford. The Classic Warwick has a blue and green striped strap, whilst the Oxford’s is red and navy. Both styles have a 40-millimeter case that’s 6mm thick and is designed to fit comfortably on the wearer’s wrist.

Daniel Wellington Classic Swansea Lady silver
Classic Swansea Lady (silver)

The women's styles, the Classic Glasgow Lady and the Classic Swansea Lady, have a slightly smaller 36-millmeter case, but are still designed to fit in the same way. All the watches have interchangeable straps.

Daniel Wellington Classic Oxford rose
Classic Oxford (rose gold)

Filip Tysander founded the brand in 2011, following an encounter with a British gentleman named Daniel Wellington. His timeless style inspired Tysander to design and name a watch brand after him. This collection is directly inspired by Wellington, who used to wear his old Rolex threaded onto a Nato strap.

Daniel Wellington Classic Swansea Lady rose
Classic Swansea Lady (rose gold)

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Daniel Wellington