Ripple effect captured in glass-domed lighting by Poetic Lab

Milan 2014: London studio Poetic Lab has revealed a new iteration of Ripple – a lighting collection that imitates movement on water – at Milan design week (+ movie).

Ripple light by Poetic Lab Milan 2014

The concept design for Ripple was originally shown by Poetic Lab last year in Milan, but has since been developed further into two different sizes and put into production with Austrian crystal brand J. & L. Lobmeyr.

Each style consists of two unevenly hand-blown glass domes sitting on brass bases. A G4 halogen light shines from within the smaller dome through the larger dome as it slowly rotates. This creates a constantly changing mix of light and shadow to create a ripple effect on the surfaces around the lights.

"When I first saw Ripple I was totally struck by this effect and I had to sit down for about 30 minutes and watch it," said Lobmeyr's co-owner Leonid Rath. "It was really an emotional decision to take it into a range."

"It's not about designing a lamp, it's about the experience and the emotion that is created by this moving light," Poetic Lab co-founder and designer Hanhsi Chen told Dezeen.

Firing the glass in the furnace

"The inspiration of the collection comes from the nature beauty of light and fluid matters. We try to capture the essence of light through its gentle movements, just as all the nature light do," said Chen.

The molten glass out of the furnace

"The process starts with the hot molten glass and as it interacts with the air, gravity and the breeze of the blower it gradually takes shape into a mysterious bubble," added Chen.

Blowing air into the molten glass

Ripple is on show at the Spazio Rosanna Orlandi, Via Matteo Bandello 14-16, Milan.

One of the glass domes in progress