Mondaine pocketwatch and ladies' timepiece arrive at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: two new timepieces by Swiss brand Mondaine have arrived at Dezeen Watch Store, including a smaller version of the popular Evo Quartz and a stainless steel pocket watch.

The watches are inspired by an iconic railway clock designed by Zurich-born engineer Hans Hilfiker in 1944, which became an important symbol of the Swiss rail network's punctuality.

Mondaine Ladies Evo in silver/white
Evo Quartz Ladies in silver/white

Mondaine's first interpretation of Hilfiker's clock was released in 1986 as the Classic and kept most of the original design features, including the famous red seconds ticker.

This was later followed by the Evo series, which removed the date window from Classic and came with a larger case.

Evo Quartz Ladies in white/silver (left) and white/black (right)
Evo Quartz Ladies in white/silver (left) and white/black (right)

Evo Quartz Ladies is a downscaled version of the Evo with a case that measures 26mm in diameter, and is now available with a metal bracelet or polished leather strap.

It also features a domed mineral glass lens that magnifies the watch's white face, making it easier to tell the time.

Mondaine Pocket Watch
Mondaine Pocket Watch

Pocket Watch has a rounded stainless steel case and comes with a red leather carry pouch as well as a 48cm chain for the wearer to attach to their clothing.

It is the second pocket watch in the Dezeen Watch Store collection, joining the MMT Calendar by Hong Kong-based brand MMT.


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