The Bradley Black

The Bradley Black tactile timepiece launches exclusively at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: The Bradley, the tactile timepiece nominated for Design of the Year and our fastest-selling watch, is now available in a striking all-black model exclusively at Dezeen Watch Store.

Originally conceived as a watch for blind people, The Bradley has since gained a fanbase in the design community and has reshaped itself as a timepiece for the fashion-conscious.

"We are really excited about The Bradley Black and personally, I really like it," Kim said in an interview with Dezeen Watch Store. "The design is the same, but it has a very different feeling. It will really help us to move forward and make another step towards being a more fashionable company."

The Bradley Black
The Bradley Black is coloured using an electroplating procedure

Instead of traditional watch hands, The Bradley features two ball bearings that are rotated by magnets set inside the case. Its titanium face also has raised batons and no cover, enabling the wearer to tell the time by touch alone.

In early 2014, it was nominated for the Design Museum's Design of The Year awards by Andy Law, the Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Rhode Island School of Design.

The Bradley Black

"I think we've done a good job presenting The Bradley as a fashionable timepiece, not just as a watch for the blind," Kim said. "People say it's pretty much the only wristwatch out there that lets you feel time."

The Bradley stainless steel
The Bradley features two ball bearings: one rotates around the side of the case to denote the hours, while another revolves around the face of the watch to mark the minutes

The timepiece was launched after a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and is named after Bradley Snyder – an ex-naval officer who won gold and silver medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games despite losing his eyesight in the Afghanistan war.

The Bradley
The Bradley is available in seven colour combinations including olive green, silver blue, stainless steel and mustard yellow

Unlike the classic versions of The Bradley, The Bradley Black is coloured using an electroplating procedure. It joins the six existing colour combinations: beigeblackmustard yellowolive greenstainless steel and silver blue.

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