Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957 is Dezeen Watch Store's first smartwatch

Dezeen Watch Store: the smartwatch by Swiss brand Mondaine is now available for exclusive pre-order at Dezeen Watch Store, and our customers benefit from £100 off the standard price (+ movie).

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

Dezeen Watch Store is the only place to pre-order the limited-edition Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957, which was unveiled earlier this year and officially launches next month.

It is one of five models to be updated with smart technology from Mondaine's collection based on the iconic Swiss typeface Helvetica, which was developed in 1957 by designer Max Miedinger.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

"Mondaine has reinterpreted Swiss history for the 21st century by placing its smart technology in its newest collection Mondaine Helvetica, a range inspired by the iconic type font Helvetica," said the brand.

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The watch is designed to look like a traditional analogue timepiece, but features a sub dial above the six o'clock marker.

This component provides feedback with traditional-style hands and markings from the built-in MotionX activity tracker, which collects sleep and exercise data.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

"In complete contrast to other smart devices, where the data is shown digitally on the watch, the information is read in an analogue fashion via the sub dial," Mondaine said.

The watch also syncs to a smartphone and tablet app that provides more detailed data, activity alerts and exercise coaching.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

"Smart extras include automatic time and date adjustment in line with your mobile device, which is great when travelling and a 'happy wake-up alarm' that activates during your light sleep phase for rested awakenings," said Mondaine.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

The Mondaine Helvetica Smart models feature a brushed stainless-steel case that measures 44 millimetres in diameter.

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Their faces are covered with anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal, while straps are made from padded and stitched leather.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

Mondaine, which famously created the clocks for Switzerland's railway stations, is releasing the Helvetica Smart 1957 as a limited edition of 1,957 watches to celebrate the year the typeface was created.

The watches are identified by edition numbers marked on the side of the case and a red highlighted number on the back.

Mondaine Helvetica Smart 1957

Normally priced at £650, the model is now available to pre-order from Dezeen Watch Store with £100 off. These orders will be shipped at the beginning of September 2015, when the standard price will return.