Objest launches Hach etched timepieces at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: London-based startup Objest is launching its first range of watches, with faces featuring a hatched pattern instead of the usual hour and minute markings.

Available to pre-order exclusively from Dezeen Watch Store this week, Objest's Hach watch features a curved steel case and a face with no numbers or conventional markings.

Objest launches on Dezeen Watch Store

Instead, a zigzagging pattern of contrasting hatch lines is used to divide the face, creating 12 points to help the wearer tell the time.

"We wanted to design a timepiece that imbued a sense of controlled precision without being technical or over-engineered," Objest founder Jared Mankelow told Dezeen Watch Store.

"Although the pattern adds visual interest to the dial it still has a functional role."

Objest launches on Dezeen Watch Store

The pattern is etched into the face in two layers, with a two-tone colour treatment, creating a shimmer effect when it catches the light.

The watch is the first from Mankelow's London startup. Each version features a leather strap and a metal case with rounded edges and a domed glass cover.

The black and silver versions both have matching tonal faces and straps, while the blue edition features a copper-coloured case. There is also a model with a grey strap and a black face, and a gold-plated version with a nude strap.

Second and minute hands are in matching colours, while the hour hand is in a bright accent colour – white, gold, silver or yellow – to make it stand out.

Objest launches on Dezeen Watch Store

"A quick glimpse should quickly show the wearing what hour it is," said Mankelow.

The name of the watch, Hach, is a play on both hatching, the pencil markings used to create light and shade in drawings, and the idea of something emerging like a chick from an egg.

"Hach has been inspired by fashion and architecture," said Mankelow. "Issey Miyake is a source of constant inspiration. His pleating, scoring and folding creates a sense of volume."

Objest launches on Dezeen Watch Store

"Architects such as Toyo Ito, and John Pawson also resonate," he added. "Light, planar surfaces, and scale are aspects that can be played with in smaller-scale objects."

Mankelow, a product designer from New Zealand, worked with firms including IDEO and Conran + Partners, before deciding to launch his own multi-disciplinary studio earlier this year.

The studio offers consultancy services as well as designing furniture, lighting and electronics products.

Objest launches on Dezeen Watch Store
Objest's Hach watch alongside early prototypes of the design

"Each has its own set of constraints – scale, form, materials etc," said Mankelow. "This is where the germ of an idea came from. Could we use our learnings and knowledge of different sectors to produce a watch with personality, clarity and finesse?"

"Watches are one of those unique products that embody aspects of product design, fashion and engineering," he added. "It's a really interesting space to work in."

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