Australia's Stock watches return to Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: best-selling Australian brand Stock is back at Dezeen Watch Store with a wider range of timepieces that combine a minimal aesthetic with a subversive twist.

The Stock S001, S002, S003 and S004 series all share the brand's signature pared-back face design, with thin hour and minute markers arranged in a single circle around the edge.

Stock's S003B watch

A small "o" with a line underneath sits at the 12 o'clock position and is based on the numero symbol – a typographic abbreviation for the word number. It also appears in the brand's full logo, which is engraved on the back of the case of each watch.

The S001 was the first design in Stock's collection, and features a brushed steel case that is 7.5 millimetres thick and 36 millimetres in diameter.

Stock's S001C watch
Stock's S001C watch

Dezeen Watch Store has four variations on the design – an off-white face, silver case and tan leather strap; a white face, silver case and black leather strap; a white face, black case and black leather strap; and an all-black version with grey hour and minute markers and hands and a contrasting yellow seconds hand.

The S002 shares the same features, but includes gold finishes for the case, with two classic-gold versions and one rose-gold.

Stock's S001K watch
Stock's S001K watch

The S003 is designed specifically for a smaller wrist, with a case that is just 6.5 millimetres thick and 30 millimetres in diameter. It also comes with a narrower leather strap.

A tiny sub dial is added to the face to accommodate a seconds hand, to ensure the watch remains easy to read.

Stock's S002G watch

The S003 is available in two variations – with a brushed steel case, off-white face and tan strap or with a rose-gold finished case, white face and black strap.

Finally, the S004 is Stock's latest design and features a date window – a small opening that sits just above the six o'clock marker at the bottom of the face.

Stock's S003R watch
Stock's S003R watch

The case is eight millimetres thick and 38 millimetres in diameter, making it Stock's largest watch.

Dezeen Watch Store has two versions of the S004 – one with a brushed steel case, silver face, dark hands and a tan strap, and one with a rose-gold finished case, black face, pale hands and black strap.

Dezeen Watch Store is currently one of only a handful of international stockists for the Stock range.

Stock's S004B watch
Stock's S004B watch

Stock was founded in 2013 by Melbourne-based designer and watch enthusiast David Tatangelo, who is behind the design of all the watches in the range.

"Launching the brand evolved from my initial interest in taking watches apart and reconstructing them," Tatangelo told Dezeen Watch Store. "It was through doing this that I saw why things were made certain ways and wanted to do it myself."

Stock's S004R watch
Stock's S004R watch

Tatangelo was aware that there were already a lot of minimalist watch brands emerging, following on from the success of companies like the UK's Uniform Wares. The name of his brand is a nod to this, and is a play on the idea of "stock" or standardised products.

Tatangelo aims to subvert this by introducing subtle twists, based on elements found in vintage watches from his own collection.

Stock's S004B watch

"Minimal watches have been around for decades, with recent brands introducing their own personality into watch design," said Tatangelo.

"For Stock, there is a playfulness in that the name itself suggests there isn't much going on, but a discerning eye will notice all the subtleties. Discovering something that resonates with you and being able to differentiate that is what makes the search more satisfying."

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