Seconds by Nocs Atelier arrives at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: the minimal Seconds watch is the first design from Nocs Atelier, a new company launched by Swedish audio brand Nocs.

The design gets its name from the rose gold or silver second hand that offers the only colour on the otherwise all-black watch.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier
Rose Gold model

The aim is to make the wearer consider time differently, without interfering with the traditional function of the watch.

"Our intention was to meditate on time itself, and how it occupies the crossroads between the tangible and the immaterial," said the Nocs Atelier team.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier

"A watch is an everyday item, but the interplay between form, functionality and perception is one that we wanted to stress in order to differentiate Seconds from other timepieces."

Nocs founder Daniel Alm cited Minimalist product designer Dieter Rahms and artist Jeff Koons among the stylistic influences for his team, who work across both brands.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier
Silver model

"After many runs of design work, and without going too minimal in our expression of the watch, we came up with the all-black look and the highlighted second hand," Alm told Dezeen.

Alm launched Nocs Atelier in November 2015, building on his own personal interest in watches and product design.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier

"We needed another division in order to let our creativity out," he said. "We are fascinated by watches and Seconds is a new take on time, in our opinion."

Seconds features a black nylon Nato strap, which loops through the lugs at either end of the 40-millimetre diameter blasted-steel case.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier

The black markers are slightly raised to help the wearer distinguish them against the dark face, and the hour and minute hands are also black.

The slender rose gold or silver seconds hand finishes in a fine point and sits on top of all the other face components underneath the crystal.

Seconds by Nocs Atelier

The watch is powered by two Japanese quartz movements – a feature that Alm says is key to the quality of the design.

"I personally started looking at movements back in 2013 because of my own interest," said Alm. "It's been a tough process to find a manufacturer that could deliver a quality based on our requirements."

Seconds by Nocs Atelier

Both the rose gold and silver versions of Seconds are available now at Dezeen Watch Store. Buy the Seconds watch »