Dezeen Watch Store launches Bradley Element to celebrate two years with Eone

Dezeen Watch Store: the latest tactile timepiece by inclusive design company Eone is available to pre-order at Dezeen Watch Store, two years after the launch of the acclaimed Bradley.

The new Bradley Element watch by Washington DC-based Eone is the brand's first design to feature a concave and convex pattern around its markers, creating a face with angular peaks and troughs.

Bradley Element watch launched to celebrate two years with Eone
The Bradley Element is available to pre-order at Dezeen Watch Store

Like the original Bradley, which was initially designed for the visually impaired, the Bradley Element uses magnets to move two small metal ball bearings around the face. These allow wearers to tell the time without having to look at their watch.

One ball runs in a track around the edge of the case, while another runs around a smaller circuit on the face to track the hours and minutes.

The Element's markers are raised in different triangular variations, making it easier to read by touch alone – for example, 12 o'clock features a wider, flatter marker, while six o'clock is slender. The metal case has a matt-black finish and a matching black steel mesh strap.

Bradley Element watch launched to celebrate two years with Eone
Like the original Bradley design, the Bradley Element uses ball bearings to help the wearer tell the time through touch

The Bradley series of watches is named after Paralympic swimmer Bradley Snyder, a former naval officer who lost his sight in an explosion in Afghanistan in 2011, and won gold and silver medals at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

Dezeen first contacted US-based Eone about the Bradley in 2014, after the original watch was shortlisted for the London Design Museums' Design of the Year award.

This was followed by a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign that raised $600,000, which allowed the team – led by entrepreneur Hyungsoo Kim with Rhode Island School of Design graduate David Zacher – to put the design into production.

Bradley Element watch launched to celebrate two years with Eone
Markers around the face use different shapes to help distinguish between different times, with 12 o'clock having the widest triangular peak

"We wanted to break the stereotype that design for blind people has to be ugly or tech-orientated," Eone co-founder Hyungsoo Kim told Dezeen.

"There are still a good number of blind people who care about fashion and looking good. What they want the most is to feel included," he said. "The watches available for the blind did not look good because they were cheap and they didn't care about fashion."

The Bradley launched at Dezeen Watch Store two years ago. It has proven popular both with blind people and with a wider audience, who are attracted to its unique aesthetic and the ability to tell the time discreetly.

The original Bradley tactile watch
The original Bradley watch launched at Dezeen Watch Store two years ago and quickly became a best seller

"Even sighted people realise that being able to check time without having to look at it can be useful," said Kim.

Last year, Dezeen launched its own version of the Bradley in a collaboration with Eone, marking its second ever watch design collaboration.

The brand has since launched a range of iterations of the design, including versions with fabric straps and different coloured faces and straps.

Bradley Voyager watch launched to celebrate two years with Eone
Other new variations include the Bradley Voyager with a blue face and tan leather strap

Kim said the relationship with Dezeen Watch Store had been crucial to the watch's success.

"Dezeen Watch Store was the very first retail partner that we started working with," he said. "Just being carried by Dezeen means a lot in fashion communities."

The Bradley Element is available to order now from Dezeen Watch Store. Get yours »