TID updates No.1 watch with steel case and wristband made from recycled materials

Dezeen Watch Store:  TID's No.1 watch by Form Us With Love now comes with a strap made from recycled textiles and leather off-cuts as part of the Stockholm-based design brand's efforts to "minimise waste". 

No.1 watch by TID
No.1 by TID now comes with a Twain strap in mineral on white

TID has launched a new wristband for its signature timepiece, the No.1 watch designed by Swedish studio Form Us With Love. The strap is made from a combination of recycled textiles and tanned leather left-overs, and offers an alternative to the brand's existing nylon styles.

New watches incorporating the Twain wristband are now available from Dezeen Watch Store in a variety of black and grey shades, including mineral, coal and pine.

No.1 watch by TID
A black dial is also available, pictured here with a Twain strap in coal

TID, named after the Swedish word for time, has also added a stainless steel case to the No.1 watch range, with matching steel hour and minute hands.

The No.1 watch, originally launched by TID as its first product in 2012, was designed with the aim of withstanding changes in fashion.

TID has also added a stainless steel case to the range, with matching steel hour and minute hands

"Since we don't work in seasons or trends, we obsess over creating a product so solid and well-designed that it will stand the test of time," TID told Dezeen. "The No.1 has a longer life, minimising waste and over-consumption."

The No.1 features an uncluttered dial and Nato-style strap, based on a design originally created for military-issue watch bands, which is attached without screws or hinges.

"We reduce the functions of the watch to its barest essentials, fighting traditions with heavy details, gadgets and materials," added TID spokesperson Jacob Julian.

No.1 watch by TID
The No.1 was designed with the aim of withstanding changes in fashion

TID was set up by Ola. E Bernestål and Petrus Palmér – a former director of Form us with Love and current creative director of online design brand Hem – in 2012, along with Form Us With Love co-founders Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren.

The latest versions of the No.1 watch join a growing roster of popular furniture and lighting products by Form Us With Love, including acoustic tiles for Baux and a plastic seating range for Ikea.