New range added to Dezeen Watch Store's collection of Braun timepieces

Dezeen Watch Store: the latest range of iconic Braun watches has been added to Dezeen Watch Store's curated selection of timepieces by the influential German brand.

Braun's newest models continue the brand's homage to the Minimalist watches created for the brand by legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams in the 1970s.

New watch range from Braun
The BN0211 is also available in white/silver with a stainless steel linked strap

The BN0211, which features a classic round face, is available in a choice of black with a Milanese strap or white with a silver linked strap. The case can be purchased in either Braun's classic 38mm size or a scaled-down 32mm version.

A yellow seconds hand adds a touch of colour. Both its case and strap are stainless steel.

New watch range from Braun
The BN0211 comes with a classic case size of 38mm or a smaller women's size of 32mm

The BN0172 will also be arriving at Dezeen Watch Store soon, and has a slimmer strap made from genuine leather and is available in black.

Launched under license by British watch manufacturer Zeon, the updated Braun watch range adheres with the functionalist design principles practised by Rams and his colleague Dietrich Lubs in the 1970s.

New watch range from Braun
The BN0172 will also be arriving at Dezeen Watch Store soon

"We designed each model for a modern purpose, utilising the most up-to-date materials and innovative technology to produce a forward-thinking watch range," Zeon explained.

"It's a pleasure to work on a range that is so pure and honest in its design ethics. We take pride in continuing what Braun started," he continued.

New watch range from Braun
The BN0172 features a slim leather strap

Braun established itself as one of the most influential manufacturers of the 20th century with the appointment of Rams as head designer in 1962.

Rams ended up working for Braun for 40 years, fulfilling co-owner Erwin Braun’s mission to create "honest, unobtrusive, practical devices".