MMT's engraved Moonlight collection launches at Dezeen Watch Store

Dezeen Watch Store: Hong Kong-based brand MMT's new collection of timepieces feature engraved patterns that catch the light, which were designed to reference the surface of the moon.

Two versions of the new Moonlight watch are available from Dezeen Watch Store – the Dusk model featuring a rose gold plated steel case with matching hands, and Dawn with a stainless steel case and hands.

Moonlight by MMT
Moonlight Dawn is a monochrome watch with black leather strap and stainless steel dial

Instead of using printed markings, the dial is formed from a single engraved pattern inspired by the moon's surface.

"We found it fascinating how such a plain and monochrome sphere could become so beautiful under the light of the sun," co-founder Thomas Letourneux told Dezeen.

Moonlight Dusk has a rose gold plated case and brown leather strap

"Traditionally, a watch dial is a base plate where content is added either by being printed or glued on it," he continued.

"With Moonlight, the plate and the content are one single entity, the dial is a solid disk with grooves and ridges, its texture and content only revealed by light and shade."

Other features include a lug-less case, black leather strap and ultra slim Japanese movement.

MMT has also launched the Circles collection as a reinvention of its popular C Series. Updates to the range include a Milanese strap and new dials in either brushed stainless steel or rose gold plated steel.

Circles Mirage has been updated with a Milanese mesh strap

The Circles collection was designed as a tribute to the functional principles of Modernism. The crown is hidden at the back of the watch in order to give it a clean silhouette.

The new arrivals join MMT's popular Calendar timepiece at Dezeen Watch Store – the brand's contemporary take on the traditional pocket watch.

Circles Club is another timepiece in the range, featuring a rose gold plated stainless steel case

"MMT is a brand about time and its physical representation, so we will keep exploring all the forms it can take," explained Letourneux. "What interests us is when an emotional connection is created between the wearer and its timepiece."

French entrepreneur Baptiste Guedez and designer Thomas Letourneux launched MMT – an abbreviation of the word “momento” – in 2012 after developing their first range of pocket watches in a local Hong Kong factory.

They have since expanded into wristwatches with the launch of the Circles and Moonlight collections, which can be purchased from Dezeen Watch Store.