Simpl becomes latest watch brand to design a one-handed timepiece

Dezeen Watch Store: Bangkok-based brand Simpl has applied its minimal aesthetic to an unconventional watch that tells the time with only one hand. 

The Simpl One collection features a numberless index, with a single, sweeping hand denoting both the hour and minutes.

The hand tapers to a point at one end to indicate the hour, while each marker counts five minutes.

One Collection by Simpl
The Simpl One watch tells the time with only one hand

When the pointed end has moved past the hour marker to the first small marker, the time is read as five minutes past the closest hour.

Simpl's logo, a symbol based on the letter "I" and an unequal sign, marks 12 o'clock. According to the brand, the unequal sign stands for uniqueness.

"Complexity within simplicity is the main charm of the One collection," co-founder Alisa Kittipong told Dezeen.

"We were inspired by the one-handed sundial used in ancient times," she continued. "We tried to make this collection simpler by reducing the design to only the most essential elements."

It features numberless indices and a minimal white or brushed steel dial

It is now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store with either a white dial and rose gold finish or a brushed steel dial with a silver finish, and an Italian leather strap in black, brown or tan.

Simpl is the latest brand to design a one-handed watch, following in the footsteps of German brand Defakto with its Detail Mono timepiece and the Minuteman One Hand by Hong Kong brand Squarestreet.

One Collection by Simpl
It comes in three colour combinations, Silver Tan (pictured), Ochre Brown or Ochre Black

Simpl One joins Simpl's first collection at Dezeen Watch Store, which launched in 2013 against the backdrop of Thailand's competitive startup scene.

In a previous interview with Dezeen, Kittipong and fellow co-founder Tanachpak Warrnissorn explained that their timepieces are designed to pair with "minimal moods" or "eccentric Saturday outfits".