Void's thinnest ever timepiece arrives at Dezeen Watch Store

Swedish brand Void has launched a watch that is only seven millimetres thick, which is now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store

The watch is Void's thinnest timepiece to date, featuring a slim stainless-steel case that comes in either brushed silver or gold.

Staying true to the brand's functional approach to design, the PKG01 has a clean, minimal aesthetic

Like other Void models, the PKG01 has a simple, minimal appearance that stays true to the brand's functional approach to design.

It boasts a clean white dial, with numeral indices for each quarter hour and a date window. There is also a small red circle adorning the seconds hand.

"The design of the watch follows the principle of form follows function," said designer Patrick Kim-Gustafson.

The PKG01 is Void’s thinnest timepiece to date, measuring just 7mm thick

"It's round where it needs to be round, straight where needs to be straight and uses as little material as possible without lowering structural integrity."

"Most of the lines are drawn as the shortest lines from A to B as possible," he added.

The PKG01 is available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store with a silver chainmail strap, or a leather strap in either black, grey or olive.

The watch features a clean white dial, numeral indices for each quarter hour and a date window

Void's logo is positioned in its signature place at the six o'clock mark. "It's a joke to the watch industry," Void founder David Ericsson told Dezeen in a recent interview.

"Normally this is where it says "Swiss Made" on watches, so if you're a watch person, this is where you'll check."

Other Void timepieces currently stocked at Dezeen Watch Store include the brand's first timepiece made specifically for women and a limited-edition timepiece created in collaboration with Dezeen, of which only 200 numbered pieces have been made.

Swedish-born Ericsson launched Void in 2008 as a side project while working as an engineer in Hong Kong. Dezeen was the first website to feature the brand's debut timepiece, the V01.

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