Glasgow brand Instrmnt launches second watch collection

Following the success of its 01 range, Instrmnt's 02 collection is now available to pre-order from Dezeen Watch Store.

The 02 watch is a slimmed-down version of Instrmnt's iconic first collection, with a 35-millimetre sandblasted case and streamlined silhouette.

Instrmnt 02 collection
The 02 watch is a slimmed-down version on Instrmnt's first timepiece

Featuring a clean white face, it is available in the brand's four signature colour combinations; black/silver, tan/gunmetal, rose gold/brown and black/black.

It carries a newly engineered Swiss Ronda movement and has a German-made leather strap.

"We always said we wanted 02 to be the younger sibling of 01: a distillation that is still instantly recognisable as an Instrmnt product," co-founder Ross Baynham told Dezeen.

Instrmnt 02 collection
Instrmnt 02 has a streamlined, lug-less shape and minimal design

"The two watches sit comfortably side by side – perhaps appealing to the different needs or personal preferences of the wearer – but ultimately coming from the same place conceptually and visually," he said.

Instrmnt's watches take inspiration from mid-20th-century industrial design, pairing high-quality Swiss components with a retrained, utilitarian aesthetic.

Instrmnt 02 collection
The watch comes as a kit ready to be assembled

The 02 watch comes as a kit and contains the casing, pins and strap ready to be assembled using a tool provided. It is now available to pre-order exclusively from Dezeen Watch Store and Instrmnt's website.

Both self-confessed watch fanatics, Baynham and Pete Sunderland met while studying at Glasgow Caledonian University, and set out to design a watch they would want to wear themselves.

Instrmnt 02 collection
The watch is now available to pre-order exclusively from Dezeen Watch Store

After launching their first watch in Kickstarter, the duo managed to raise £100,00 – well above their initial goal of £20,000.

"We thought, 'we're designers, we love watches, why don't we make the watch that we want to wear? Why don’t we make the watch that is perfect for us?'" Baynham said in an interview with Dezeen in 2014.

The brand also recently launched its second limited-edition collaboration watch with Dezeen – which features a colour combination unique to the range and is also available to pre-order from Dezeen Watch Store.