Dezeen Watch Store highlights bestselling timepieces with new category

Dezeen Watch Store has launched two new Christmas shopping categories dedicated to its most popular watches and exclusive collaborations.

By Popular Demand is a new section showcasing the website's highest-selling watches. Chosen by Dezeen Watch Store customers, the selection features 12 timepieces that vary in price from £120 to £299 and span a range of styles.

Highlights in this category include Projects' Suprematism, by Milan-based designer Denis Guidone, which features an unusual composition inspired by the art movement of the same name.

The Classic by Australian collective AÃRK is another contemporary watch in this category, with an acetate case in a tortoiseshell pattern. Like the rest of AÃRK's popular output, its design experiments with geometric forms.

Suprematism by Projects (left) features a composition inspired by an art movement of the same name, and Classic by AÃRK (right) has an acetate tortoiseshell case

The distinctive Picto by Rosendahl is also featured. It tells the time with a steel dot that marks the hours as the watch face rotates, creating an effect that represents the earth moving and time passing. The minute hand moves as normal.

As a contrast to the unconventional Picto, the Lugano by Larsson & Jennings is a pared-back Scandinavian interpretation of the traditional British dress watch.

Other brands in the bestsellers category include the Swedish Void, Australian Stock and iconic German manufacturer Braun.

Dezeen's exclusive watch collaborations with Instrmnt, Void and Eone

Another new section dedicated to Dezeen's exclusive watch collaborations is also live on Dezeen Watch Store. The Dezeen Editions features three limited-edition timepieces.

The latest watch in this category is the 02-DZN by Glasgow-based brand Instrmt, which teamed up with Dezeen to launch a unique iteration of its new 02 collection.

It features a black and gold colour combination exclusive to Dezeen and has a utilitarian aesthetic.

The popular Bradley + Dezeen is based on Eone's design-led timepiece originally created for the visually impaired

The popular Bradley + Dezeen can be read through touch. It contains a magnet that rotates two ball bearings around the watch faces, allowing users to tell the time without needing to look.

The V03D-Dezeen is a result of Swedish brand Void's long-term collaboration with Dezeen. The minimal timepiece is manufactured in Hong Kong and has a custom dial.

Dezeen Watch Store has also recently launched price-dedicated categories to help filter searches when Christmas shopping.