Bowie and Beyoncé revealed by Dezeen Hot List as celebrities with biggest design influence

David Bowie, Beyoncé and Kate Moss have all made waves in the architecture and design world over the past year, finds Dezeen Hot List.

The three celebrities, as well as Kanye West and Imogen Heap, all ranked on the Hot List – the most comprehensive data survey of architecture and design media ever conducted – proving their appeal among a design-conscious audience.

Published earlier this month, the 400-strong list is based entirely on audience data, and reveals the key players and emerging talents in the design world.

Personalities Hot ListDavid Bowie takes the number one spot in our Personalities Hot List:

Posted by Dezeen on Thursday, 24 November 2016

The top five personalities on Dezeen Hot List are counted down in this video

As arguably one of the most influential creative figures of the past 40 years, Bowie claims the top spot in the Personalities Hot List, as the news of his death was a huge shock to the creative community.

At number two, Beyoncé is on the list by accident, after being the inspiration for a curvaceous skyscraper.

Kate Moss and movie director Wes Anderson take third and fourth place respectively for becoming the latest celebrities to turn their hands to interior design.

Kanye West is placed fifth thanks to a history of engaging with the architecture and design industry, as well as fashion launches, while musician Imogen Heap takes the number six spot after being the subject of Dezeen's most popular video ever.

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