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Avanti headphones by Moshi

Moshi updates Avanti headphone collection with onyx-black version

Dezeen promotion: electronics and accessories brand Moshi has added an onyx-black version to its collection of Avanti headphones, which are designed to be used for long periods of time.

Avanti headphones by Moshi
Moshi has added an onyx black version to its Avanti headphone collection

The Avanti on-ear headphones, which are also available in caramel and red, feature a curved stainless-steel headband and adjustable earcups in soft leather.

The earpads are angled to improve comfort over extended periods of listening to music and provide isolation from exterior noise.

Avanti headphones by Moshi
The headphones features a stainless steel curved headband and ear pads covered in soft leather

"Designed with ergonomics in mind, Moshi's Avanti on-ear headphones allow you to enjoy your favorite tracks for hours without fatigue," said Moshi.

"Its curved headband is engineered to position the soft, adjustable earcups to form a perfect, noise-isolating seal while exerting minimal pressure on your ears."

Avanti headphones by Moshi
The headband rotates so that the headphones can be easily transported in a custom carrier

The headsets also feature 40-millimetre drivers – or miniature speakers – that the brand says creates a sound to rival that of larger headsets.

The stainless-steel headband rotates so that the headphones can be folded up and transported in a custom carrying case, while a detachable cable includes built-in remote and microphone.

Moshi has an in-house design team that creates a range of mobile products to be compatible Apple, Android, Kindle devices. Other accessories include laptop and phone cases, backpacks and screen protectors.