Squarestreet's Plano watch arrives at Dezeen Watch Store in new colour combinations

The slender Plano watch by Swedish lifestyle brand Squarestreet is now available to purchase from Dezeen Watch Store with a black dial and contrasting gold markings. 

The watch features a black dial that gives visibility to concentric grooves that emanate from the centre and intersect across its surface.

The dial has gold numerals and hands to match a gold-plated stainless-steel case. A gold dot marks 12 o'clock.

Plano by Squarestreet
Squarestreet's Plano watch has been revamped to include a black dial and gold markings

An elongated third hand and inner ring that counts the seconds have been added for precise timekeeping. The time can also be read straight from the inner index track of the hour hand.

The watch features a neoclassical-style date hole and a dial protected by a 36-millimetre pane of glass made from hardened mineral.

It carries a high-quality Swiss 715 Ronda movement and comes with a navy Italian leather strap.

Plano by Squarestreet
The classic white Plano is now available with a mint green leather strap

Squarestreet's classic white Plano watch has been updated with the choice of a pastel pink or mint green leather strap, and is also new to Dezeen Watch Store.

The arrivals join six colour combinations already available, including a gold/sky blue style and a watch with a Swedish reindeer-leather strap.

Named after the Spanish word for flat, the hugely popular Plano first launched at Dezeen Watch Store last summer. It features a mid-century-inspired dial and case that is only 6.7 millimetres thick.

Plano by Squarestreet
The Plano is also now available with a pink leather strap that complements a gold-plated case

"The Plano was influenced by a whole host of timeless predecessors," Squarestreet founder and designer Alexis Holm previously told Dezeen. "But it tips its hat towards mid-century dial designs, and there's a clear hint of Piaget in the case design."

Holm launched the brand in 2010, taking its name from the road it was founded on in Hong Kong creative Sheung Wan district.

The watches are produced in Hong Kong using locally sourced materials, but have a distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic influenced by Holm's Swedish heritage.

The Plano can be purchased from Dezeen Watch Store for £200.