Picto watch now available at Dezeen Watch Store with a mesh strap

The latest update of the Picto watch by Danish brand Rosendahl is now available to buy from Dezeen Watch Store.

Taking its name from the word "pictogram", Picto aims to visualise the passing of time on its pared-back dial – by recreating a sunset.

A steel dot affixed to a rotating watch face marks the hours, resembling the sun rising and setting in the sky across the day. The minute hand moves as normal.

Picto Mesh by Rosendahl
Picto Mesh features a gold-plated mesh strap and matching case

The dial doesn't have a second hand, indices or date window, allowing for less precise timekeeping.

The Picto was originally created by Danish designers Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen in 1984. It was the first watch to use a rotary disk mechanism, which is powered by a Japanese quartz movement.

The watch was given a contemporary mesh strap by Danish homeware brand Rosendahl, and now comes with a metal mesh strap.

Picto Mesh by Rosendahl
The watch is available in either a 30- or 40-millimetre case size

It is now available from Dezeen Watch Store in a range of colours, with a stainless-steel case in either a 30- or 40-millimetre size.

It comes with a gold-plated mesh strap with a black, blue or green dial, or a black mesh strap with black dial. A monochrome version is also available, with a black mesh strap, black case and clean white dial.

Leather and rubber strap versions are also in stock at Dezeen Watch Store. Shop Picto now ›

Picto Mesh by Rosendahl
A pared-back monochrome version of the Picto Mesh is also available from Dezeen Watch Store

Rosendahl owns the rights to another Danish design classic – the Bankers watch, adapted from a wall clock created by modernist architect Arne Jacobsen as part of his winning entry for the National Bank of Denmark's headquarters.

Other new arrivals to Dezeen Watch Store include Mondaine's latest version of the iconic Official Swiss Railways watch, which has also been updated with a mesh strap.

Mesh straps are making a comeback elsewhere too – other new timepieces with one include the Lugano by Larsson & Jennings and Circles by MMT.