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World's first DIY watch by TRIWA now available via Dezeen Watch Store

Swedish watch brand TRIWA has launched a series of self-assembly watches inspired by IKEA products, which are now available through Dezeen Watch Store.

Launched internationally on 1 April, YNGVE is designed to minimise shipping and production costs, giving the customer plenty of time on their hands to build their own watch.

The DIY package includes quartz movement parts, watch case, battery, glass, dial, hands, crown, strap and lots of really small cog thingies. It also includes the tools needed for assembly.

This world-first product comes in an extremely thin package, to further minimise its environmental impact, and includes detailed step-by-step instructions.

TRIWA hopes the watch will mimic the success of other self-assembly products, like IKEA furniture.

Watch April Fool

"We like to find inspiration outside our industry and we've seen other Swedish companies in other industries who have been fairly successful with the DIY concept," said TWIWA creative director Ludvig Scheja.

"If it can be used for, let's say furniture, why couldn't it be used for watches?" he asked.

"We've presented YNGVE to various focus groups before the launch and we're happy to say that we’ve seen some good results, but it helps if you're in a clean environment and have a steady hand."

This watch is exclusively available from TRIWA, but can be purchased via Dezeen Watch Store from 1 April 2017.

It comes in white, green and black, but may also come with a red face.