Tom Dixon designs retro-futurist suites for Virgin's first cruise ship

British designer Tom Dixon brings retro-futurism to the seas with his rock-and-roll-inspired suite designs for Virgin Voyages' first cruise ship, The Scarlet Lady, due to set sail in 2020.

Virgin Voyages – Virgin Group's cruise line – has revealed the visuals of the interiors for its first cruise ship, which is currently being built with an early 2020 launch in mind.

Tom Dixon has designed the interiors of Virgin Voyages' first cruise ship with retro-futurism in mind

The ship, called The Scarlet Lady, features a total of 78 RockStar suites, designed in eight different variations by Dixon and his Design Research studio.

The eight types of suite include the Massive suite, Fab suite, Posh suite, Gorgeous suite, Brilliant suite, Cheeky Corner suite, Sweet Aft suite and the Seriously suite.

The cruise ship, called The Scarlet Lady, is due to set sail in 2020

Dixon's chosen design language aims to "throw out traditional clichés on stuffy luxury and formalities", and instead bring "rebellious luxe to life at sea".

In this manner, each suite boasts a retro-futurist theme, complete with a deep blue colour palette and iridescent accents that reflect both Dixon's characteristic style, and the colours of the sky and sea.

The Scarlet Lady features a total of 78 RockStar suites, designed in eight different variations by Dixon

Rock-and-roll culture and its icons, such as the Sex Pistols and Grace Jones, was also a source of inspiration for the designers, which can be seen in the Massive suite's music room, which is stocked with electric guitars and an amplifier.

Each suite is also equipped with a gold-plated vinyl record player, accompanied by a collection of classic records.

"We were intrigued to be appointed to rethink some of the most interesting spaces on this ship," said Dixon. "A very rare opportunity to delve into a completely new escapist realm."

Leather finishes, marble-clad bathrooms and terrazzo flooring allude to a more traditional yacht style, enhanced by nautical elements like blue and white striped patterns and brass furniture.

Dixon used iridescent accents, marble elements and deep blue hues in keeping with his characteristic style

The largest of the RockStar suites is the 200 square-metre Massive suite, which features a large sea terrace with an outdoor jacuzzi, a dining table for six, hammocks and a catamaran net for stargazing, a bar and a meditation area overlooking the ocean.

Inside, the suite is able to sleep six people and features a large living room, a music room and a bedroom.

Inspired by rock-and-roll culture, the Massive suite features a music room equipped with electric guitars and an amplifier

The other seven suites also include a sea terrace – which is illuminated with purple light at night – as well as a fully-stocked bar, adjustable lighting including blackout curtains, and are furnished with items designed by Dixon.

Virgin also claims that its Sweet Aft suite, positioned centrally at the aft, or back, of the ship, provides the "most-Instagrammable wake view" directly from the bed or even from inside the shower.

Each suite also includes a sea terrace, which is illuminated with purple light at night

Each suite also has "VIP perks" including a personal assistant, or "Rockstar Coordinator", private transportation, a team to help guests pack and unpack, complimentary pressing service, nightly express swimsuit drying service, and access to a rooftop club.

The British designer also recently teamed up with IKEA to launch an urban farming project that encourages city-dwellers to grow food locally.

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