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Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves are designed to resemble scaffolding

Mexico City-based Esrawe Studio has created a series of asymmetrically structured shelves that are inspired by the lattice structure of scaffolding used in construction.

Called Trama, the shelves are made of wooden beams that have been positioned on top of one another in a grid-like structure and scattered with brass ledges and detailing.

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves

Previewed at Zona Maco contemporary arts festival, which took place in Mexico City between 6 and 10 February, the furniture pieces are meant to resemble the temporary wooden or metal structures used on the outside of a building during construction or restoration.

"I have always found [scaffolding] beautiful and how their expression is that, in a short period of time, they will be dematerialised," said Héctor Esrawe, who heads Esrawe Studio.

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves§

"With this piece, the intention aims to preserve that beauty and for sure flirts with Rietveld's and Mondrian's work," he told Dezeen.

Each piece features a latticework of wooden beams with "randomly-placed" interlocking brass ledges. All the ledges are secured using wooden bolts, which are intentionally left exposed.

"Not a single screw was used, yet it confers the quality of being permanent," said Esrawe.

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves

Available in three different formats, two vertical and one horizontal, the structure of the shelves are made from natural and stained holm oak, as well as aged or natural brass for the ledges.

"The combination of materials aims to have an intimate and sophisticated character that allows the piece to inhabit a residential environment, whilst keeping the reference of its original inspiration," he explained.

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves

Each version of the Trama shelving is available in a limited-edition run of 20 pieces.

Esrawe Studio often incorporates wood into its creations. Last year, the Mexican design studio launched a collection of wooden, stained black furniture, and a long wooden table that balances on a proportionally small marble base.

Esrawe Studio's Trama shelves

The studio has also recently completed the interior of a bar located inside the National Auditorium – a postmodern building on Mexico City's Paseo de la Reforma.