"The real problem is the awful images" says commenter

In this week's comments update, readers are engaging in a dispute over the copyright of the first NFT house and sharing their views on other top stories.

The artist and the visualiser who collaborated on the first NFT house are locked in a dispute over the copyright of the virtual property, which sold for $500,000.

Argentine 3D-modeller Mateo Sanz Pedemonte, who created visualisations of Mars House for artist Krista Kim, claimed "I possess the full intellectual property."

"Krista Kim never owned this project fully," Pedemonte told Dezeen. "I have created the project with my own hands, combined with her direction."

"The renderer obviously wants in on that ridiculous payday"

Readers aren't convinced though. "The renderer obviously wants in on that ridiculous payday," said Hosta. "I might add, the house looks like something I could render on my commodore 64 back in '85."

"So basically if the guy was a painter and decorator he would own the final paint job in the buildings he painted?" asked Mike Williams.

"The only interesting thing here is how much it sold for," continued Money. "Otherwise, both the design and the 3D are nothing to write about."

"The real problem is the awful images," concluded J.

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Louis Vuitton flagship store Tokyo
Jun Aoki & Associates wraps Louis Vuitton's Tokyo store in "poetic yet playful" pearlescent facade

"What a gorgeous facade" says reader

Commenters are critiquing Jun Aoki & Associates' design for a Louis Vuitton store in Tokyo's Ginza shopping district. It features a distinctive undulating facade and interiors by architect Peter Marino.

"What a gorgeous facade," said Design Junkie on one hand.

Mr J agreed: "Handsome, inside and out. Such a pleasing contrast to the hard rectilinearity of its neighbours."

Miles Teg was less keen: "If this facade is intended as an allegory for our times, it is quite a successful design. If it is not, then it is just fake and disturbingly plastic to me."

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Satan Shoes by Lil Nas X and MSCHF
Satan Shoes by Lil Nas X and MSCHF are Nikes containing human blood

"This has as much edge as a foam ball" says commenter

Readers are discussing the design of a limited run of 666 pairs of black Nike trainers, which American musician Lil Nas X and Brooklyn brand MSCHF have customised with human blood.

"I love it!" said J. "I need them – Dracula."

"'A drop of blood donated by the six members of the design team'," continued Louis Heatlie. "In the 21st century even satanists are boring. This has as much edge and impact as a foam ball."

"It's 2021 and lots of people still don't understand the very concept of provocation..." concluded Marc Sicard.

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Assemble and Nelly Ben Hayoun among creative teams announced for "Festival of Brexit"
Assemble and Nelly Ben Hayoun among creative teams announced for "Festival of Brexit"

"Save the money for a rainy day" says reader

Commenters are debating a UK event that's been dubbed the Festival of Brexit. Pitched as a "celebration of UK creativity" the event got its name thanks to being conceived while the UK government was negotiating its withdrawal from the European Union.

"Festival of Brexit?" asked Bunkermentality. "They must be joking."

"Save the money for a rainy day," added Apsco Radiales. "Great Britain will need it!"

"Usually, I'd be really pleased for those invited to take part in this," concluded Mistermoog. "But given the Tories' incompetence at the handling of both Brexit and the pandemic, I want this festival of broken Britain to be hijacked and disrupted by anyone who thinks the money would be better used by giving it to NHS staff."

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